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People’s Deputy Berezkin and Yanukovych banker: political corruption and embezzlement of state bank loans


In Ukraine, the work of law enforcement agencies on recovering assets of Yanukovych continues.

In this regard, financial interrelations of various businessmen and politicians of the country with Sergei Arbuzov are of interest. The latter, as is known, once led the National Bank of Ukraine, and also was the first vice-premier of Ukraine. But most importantly, Sergei Arbuzov was considered a banker of the «family» Yanukovych.

арбузов и березкин станиславIn the photo: the banker of the «family» Yanukovych Sergei Arbuzov and People’s Deputy Stanislav Berezkin

Among the deputies who regularly paid tens of millions of dollars to Arbuzov was the People’s Deputy from Kirovograd Stanislav Berezkin. At the disposal of the editorial staff was the contract No. ST-04/06, on the basis of which the Swiss company Berezkin transferred to the Arbuzov company account more than 20 million US dollars. Naturally, the contract itself is fictitious, that is, there were no deliveries of goods under the contract.

The money came from the accounts of the Swiss company Berezkin Creativ Trading S.A. to the accounts of the English company Arbuzov Yorkfield United LLP in the Latvian daughter of Privatbank.

The fact that the company Yorkfield United LLP is associated with Arbuzov, there is no special doubt. It is this company that appears in the criminal case, which is investigated by the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine against Arbuzov. Moreover, even the Yorkfield United LLP bank account number indicated in the contract coincides with the bank account number specified in the Pechersk Court’s ruling of August 17, 2016 on seizure of documents and disclosure of bank secrets in criminal case No. 42015000000000915 of May 18, 2015.

Moreover, Yorkfield United LLP was among the companies whose money in the Latvian Privatbank was recently confiscated by the Latvian authorities. The total amount of confiscated funds was 50 million euros, and on the account of the company Yorkfield United LLP was more than 8.6 million US dollars. As the Ukrainian media write, on accounts in the Latvian Privatbank Arbuzov kept the money stolen in Ukraine.

Thus, there was a documentary confirmation of the fact of payments from the company of the people’s deputy Berezkin to the company of Sergei Arbuzov. The total amount of $ 20 million was transferred by eight installments in the period from July to December 2013 (there are corresponding bank statements available to the editorial staff).



On behalf of the Swiss company Creativ Trading SA, which paid money to the family of Yanukovych, the contract was signed by the son of MP Berezkin Maxim. On behalf of the Arbuzov company Yorkfield United LLP, the contract was signed by a certain Valery Gedzik. The latter worked in the «Ukrainian Business Bank», which belonged to Arbuzov and who serviced the accounts of the residence of Yanukovych Mezhyhirya.

березкин-максимIn the photo: Maxim Berezkin, the son of People’s Deputy Stanislav Berezkin, president of FC Zirka.

I signed the contract, under which Berezkin paid Arbuzov more than 20 million US dollars.
The question naturally arises: why did the People’s Deputy Berezkin pay $ 20 million to Arbuzov? It is clear that such impressive amounts are paid for some serious services. The exact answer is now unknown. Truth must be clarified by law enforcement agencies and the court. But at the philistine level, it can be assumed that, perhaps, 20 million US dollars are gratitude for the help in obtaining loans in state-owned banks. The matter is that Arbuzov was not only the banker of Yanukovich, but also informally managed the banking and financial sector of the country. It was in 2013 that Agroholding Creative was actively credited in state-owned Oschadbank (about $ 300 million) and Ukreximbank (more than $ 100 million).

Recently it became known that the Swiss prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against the people’s deputy Stanislav Berezkin and his children Maxim and Viktoria Berezkin on the fact of bank fraud and money-laundering received illegally. As follows from the case materials, the People’s Deputy Berezkin used his Swiss company Creativ Trading SA to withdraw funds received from Ukrainian state-owned banks outside Ukraine.

The details of Stanislav Berezkin’s financial relations with Yanukovych’s «family» are a colorful reminder of how business was done in Ukraine in the Yanukovich era, and in particular how they received loans from state-owned banks. Of course, the facts of misappropriation of credit resources by state banks through political corruption may be of interest not only to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, but also law enforcement agencies of foreign countries.

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