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People’s Deputy of the «Renaissance» may become an investigator involved in the fraud in his family business

The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, ex-regionalist Stanislav Berezkin, who is now a member of the group «Party» Revival «, got a lot of cause for concern. As found «DS», in mid-January, Pechersk District Court of Kiev authorized the seizure of documents at the largest agro-industrial enterprise, the influence on which the family of the People’s Deputy from Kirovohrad — LLC «Protein Production» saved. The said company calls itself the market leader in deep processing of soybeans in Ukraine (the promotion is certainly promoted by its distinctive slogan «We Do not Just Sell the Meal — We Make It!»), And is part of the Kirovograd agro-industrial group Greenstone. The latter also includes the recently created company Central Farming Ukraine, which grows grain and industrial crops for 32 thousand hectares of land in the Kirovograd, Mykolayiv, Chernigov and other regions of Ukraine. At the same time, the founder of «Central Pharming Ukraine» is the daughter of Stanislav Berezkin Victoria, and the head of Greenstone is his son Maxim.

According to the «DS», the seizure of documents takes place in the framework of criminal proceedings, the investigation within which is the main department of the National Police in Kiev. It was initiated by a group of banks headed by UniCredit Bank AG (Germany), PJSC Ukrsotsbank (Ukraine), VTB Capital PLC (UK), Erste Group Bank AG (Austria) and Societe Generale (France), which signed a contract in 2012 the opening of a credit line for $ 255 million with PJSC «Creative». The last company was the main structure of the Kirovograd agro-industrial group of the same name, founded by Berezkin and his family members. Subsequently, the limit on the credit line was increased to $ 300 million, and the syndicate of creditor banks also included ING Bank, Amsterdam Trade Bank, Credit Europe Bank and Intesa SanPaolo.

According to the investigators, even during the implementation of the first syndicated contract (2009-2012 for $ 150 million with UniCredit Bank AG), the management of Creative has decided to «display false information in financial accounting.» Namely — conducting «triple» (tax, financial and management) accounting within the group of companies with the display of «manual» data, depending on the recipient of the information and the desired result. To obtain a loan, Creative has concluded contracts with PJSC Ukrsotsbank for the transfer of sunflower seeds and sunflower oil as pledge, the inspector, Baltik Control Ukraine, of the Odessa businessman Sergei Ershov, was supposed to inspect. «In the actual absence of mortgaged property in warehouses, (management), PJSC» Creativ «and officials of» Baltik Control Ukraine «filed deliberately untrue information to the agent bank for providing a syndicated loan,» the National Police concluded.

The criminal production hooked the Greenstone group created on the basis of the «Creativ» fragments by the Berezkin family, providing a headache to its owners. Perhaps in the future it will cross out their prospects in the agro-industrial business

In addition, bypassing the scheme agreed upon with the creditors, according to which the export operations of the «Creative» group exclusively with the final buyers had to pass through accounts of the trading company Creativ Trading S.A. in Switzerland, in the «Creative» was invented a «gray» scheme of trade. Within its framework, three offshore companies were established in Belize — Quadra Commodities, Titan Ltd and Nidera B.V. Limited and the system of «double deliveries» is established — a notorious one (coordinated with its people in UniCredit Bank AG and Ukrsotsbank) and commodity — with the indicated off-shores.

All this eventually allowed creditor banks to declare that they have reason to suspect Stanislav, Maxim and Viktoria Berezkin as former beneficiaries of involvement in «the organization of the above criminal acts.» Moreover, the bankers cautiously hinted that perhaps the new owners of the «Creative» group could have been involved in these schemes as coordinators. They, as already reported by «DS», in September of last year became the developer Arthur Grants, close to the longtime friend of the premiere Arseniy Yatsenyuk Andrey Ivanchuk, and the former chairman of the supervisory board of BTA Bank Rysbek Toktomushev. The last shortly before, in an interview with RBC-Ukraine, said that «Creative», not without the participation of banks under previous owners, «reborn into a credit pyramid, which can only live through constant new loans.» Having added that the bankers on the «Creative» «kind of arranged a casino for themselves and played there for several years. Now that the casino is closed, bankers demand a win. But in casinos there is a loss. »

What will end this confrontation, yet difficult to say. According to Toktomushev, the principal amount of the debt of the «Creative» group, which now exceeds $ 600 million, falls on Ukrainian state-owned banks headed by Oschadbank (known to be headed by Yatsenyuk’s friend Andrey Pyshny). With them at the new owners of the group at the end of last year, according to Toktomushev, there was a «more or less constructive dialogue» in the issue of restructuring. Foreign banks, according to the «DS», were less pliable, as evidenced by the criminal proceeding spiraling from their filing and suits to the «Creative» group demanding compensation for damages. And the fact that this group of Greenstone, created on the basis of the «Creativ» fragments created by the Berezkin family, has already provided a considerable headache to its owners. And it is possible, even will manage to cross out their prospects in agroindustrial business.

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